I’m gonna miss Shep at 6pm for the news… -tear-
Yes, I’m a tv news anchor fangirl… get over it, haha.
So Shepard Smith is going to keep doing Studio B on Fox News but the 6pm (cst) Fox Report is getting canned… so that Shep can head up “The Fox News Deck” come October or so which gives him the power to interrupt ANY show on Fox News for breaking news!

To be honest, I never really cared about watching the news until this one time a few long years ago when Shepard Smith was doing the news… in HULK gloves.  No joke.  It was HILARIOUS.  Ever since then I’ve been a Shep fan, haha.
Plus he’s the only famous person I know that uses their middle name as their first name (like me) so ha!

The oreo picture was a recent broadcast wherein he was amazed that Oreo “lied” about Double Stuff cookies having “double the stuff” (because they actually don’t… -gasp-).  I laughed about that for like half an hour afterward cause he was just totally tripping out, hahaha.

Anywho, I’ll be sad to see The Fox Report go, but I’m glad Studio B gets to stick around AND that we’ll be seeing Shep as the Breaking News guy all throughout the day.

(He’ll be on medical leave for a while for major shoulder surgery.)

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